Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First dining experience in Tallinn

After walking around for a few hours my sister and I got peckish and decided to stop somewhere to eat. There was a wealth of restaurants to choose from, almost all of them very reasonably (or as my sister liked to say, “unreasonably”) priced in comparison to Helsinki, so we had our pick of the lot and decided on a charming little place set back from the main square called Clayhills.

Yes Tallinn, show us the beginning of your food glory! We were in for our first taste of what was to be offered to us for the rest of the trip: relatively inexpensive delicious food. Totally not disappointed. At all.

We decided to go the way of tapas and small nibbles so we could try as many things as possible while not stuffing ourselves completely silly. Here is what we got:

The watermelon and bleu cheese salad. Yes, it is actually a very delicious albeit strange combination of goods. Vinaigrette was light, with lots of rocket and other fresh greens. Fresh and refreshing.

Smorgasbord of tapas.

 From the very top, in the ceramic bowl – meatballs with a rich garlic tomato sauce. Going clockwise, chicken pate with a caramelized onion marmalade.  At the bottom, breaded tiger prawns with chili-mango salsa. And to the side in the little metal pail, plain perfectly golden French fries with a rosé marie sauce. All heavenly.

Also ordered was a cream of Jerusalem artichoke soup. Tasty, with a strip of bacon in it (everything’s better with bacon, after all).

 All washed down with strawberry kiwi tea. What a lunch. And so unreasonably priced! :D
Thank you Tallinn, for being so close by with your good eats! And this was just the beginning…


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