Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finally, a story of nacho cheese success...in Finland!

As you all know, I've been struggling with the fact that Finland seems to be completely lack of nacho. As someone who is slightly more obsessed with nachos than, let's just say, the average consumer, seeing this void of nachos in my food intake was really starting to get to me. I was really starting to wonder if I would have to make due with the meager experiences I'd chalked up so far: the Nacho Jr. at McDonalds (pfff...didn't even have cheese ~_~), and a cold rendition of con queso I'd had at my favorite weekly bar haunt (COLD con queso?...are we animals!?!?). I was starting to get disheartened.

But then I saw it. Hailing from just across the street from McDonalds...my cheesy savior (literally): The Nacho Grande.

Now I won't lie and say that I hadn't spotted this sign several days earlier and wondered when I'd get around to it. I'd had Hesburger before (it's the Finnish McDonalds...really, literally), and it was pretty awesome (I figured I would blog about it and somehow never got around to it...apparently that will happen sometime later). So when this sign came out, oh yeahhh, it was definitely going to happen. I'd watched them release a Hawaiian burger (hilariously localized to something like "Canary burger" or something like that, something kind of odd), and it was surprisingly successful.

Despite this burger being twice as expensive as the Nacho Jr. at McDonalds, I figured it must be amazing. I could see the cheese in the advertisement this time! Unlike this blatant false advertisement across the street:

Sad in comparison. Pitiful, now that I look at them side by side. Why would you buy this serene burger when you really want a mustachioed panchoed man to sell you a delicious spicy burger!?! Clearly someone did their research, and someone did not. O_O

Anyway, the Nacho Grande (clearly superior, in name and in advertising) was purchased and brought home. Even its wrapping was way more awesome...take a look at that awesomeness:

Sombreros, maracas, chili peppers! What more could you possibly ask for in a wrapper? They had a special wrapper made, just for this burger! Their normal wrapper just says "Hesburger" all over it, like their bags (see in other picture below). This was clearly special from the start. And it was going to be tasty ohhh tasty. I could feel it.

The burger unwrapped. Fairly impressive! You can see the tortilla chips sticking out, as you could in the Nacho Jr. But clearly a slightly bigger burger, less sad looking. I didn't know everything that would be in it, but I knew for SURE, from the advertising, that there at least would be a slice of cheese in it. That at least would be guaranteed.

More silly burger suspense...

And we have total success - the burger was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Spicy, cheesy, crunchy in all the right ways with the tortilla chips and lettuce. And it did in fact, have con queso! I was so impressed! And it was WARM con queso! The way that oh-so-gooey amazing con queso should be! The Finnish burger place did it where McDonalds failed! I was in nacho burger heaven, it was so good. Too bad Hesburger isn't open late, otherwise it would definitely become my defacto late night stop for drunchies.

But alas no, I will have to settle with having my delicious Nacho Grande during the day. That's okay, I'll totally settle to have the best nacho burger ever.

A rundown of the amazingness within:
Hot sauce
Tortilla chips
Cheese slice
Con queso
Rub on the burger
Onion, in con queso

Until we meet again, Nacho Grande...until we meet again...for we most surely will. :D...

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  1. Happy birth month! This post makes mr salivate. Nom nom