Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Completing medieval dorkdom

So as you can probably tell from the progression of these entries, my enjoyment of all things medieval continued to ramp up as time went on. It started with small things – perfect preservation of the medieval city and sites, the accidental concert of period minstrels…but then it started to upscale much more heavily into more tangible things – the purchase of the minstrel CD, the collecting of castle artwork, the insistence of dinner at Olde Hansa, even arguably the slim-avoidance in purchasing the two-player game based on the Danse Macabre.

They all came to a head the last day we were there, and it all started when we were in an open air market, enjoying the sunshine and strolling through some vendor stalls.

We had seen these vendors the first time we came into the city from the ferry port and my sister, having actual navigation skills (versus my nonexistent ones), found our way back to them with no problems. Their wares ranged from wooden implements of all kinds (they seem very enamored with finely sanded wooden goods…really nice, actually), various souvenir goods of the touristy variety, wraps and scarves, and a hell of a lot of wool products.

Silly and amazing as these hats are, what they did was remind me of a similar alleyway of vendors we had seen near the entrance to Old Town. An alleyway that basically sold nothing but hooded woolen capes.

I had admired these capes before, noting to my sister that certain ones, with their elaborate metal clasps, could be taken straight out of Winterfell in Game of Thrones. It was this memory that dawned on me as I stared at these silly woolen hats, and I knew right then and there, that I wouldn’t go home without one of those capes. I knew I had to have one. Thus began, the quest for the perfect hooded woolen cape.

After having this realization, which I quickly exclaimed to my sister as being of vital importance, we finished strolling through the current vendors we were in the midst of, and scrambled back to the alleyway of capes. There I found the perfect cape. Now this is no mean feat, considering how short and relatively bird-legged I am, and I was extremely pleased to have found one that actually worked. We (my sister assisted) were searching and trying on capes for about an hour, half an hour of which was spent trying on kid’s cloaks because well, I’m just too small (snicker all you want but I buy kid’s clothing already…it’s cheaper and sometimes it just fits better).

So now I have my perfect hooded woolen cape. Armed with my medieval ministrel music I imagine nothing but glorious winter days where I can snuggle by the fire (which is hilarious, because my apartment is lack of fireplace, but that’s another story), reading an epic fantasy novel while listening to minstrels serenade me as I snuggle in my amazing woolen cape.

My arrival at complete medieval dorkdom, is complete.

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