Sunday, April 15, 2012

The spreckled hen goes to Berlin

So like I mentioned previously, as soon as I signed my lease within a few hours I was on a plane to Berlin for my first officious business trip since moving here. Felt funny to just have to fly a short 2+ hours to get to another major European city, but such is the luxury of moving here. :) (No big deal or anything, mumble mumble, pish posh, hob nob, and what what!)

I had been to Berlin this past summer for the first and previous time. Like then, it was cloudy and slightly rainy, fairly cold. Despite supposedly being twice as warm as Helsinki, it didn’t feel any different. But I didn’t let that cloud my judgment of it (har har) and I proceeded with an open mind. It was nice to have a few days in the lap of company luxury after being a slight pauper in some regards in my normal life.

I stayed at the Radisson Blu, which had this apparently very well-known aquarium in its lobby. People kept flocking in to stare at this thing. Here is the pic again in case you didn’t see it on FB:

As cool as that was, the thing that I’ll always remember best about this trip was the amazing free breakfast. OMG I would and could get fat off of that breakfast everyday – cold cuts, sliced cheeses, gourmet cheese plate, fresh cut veggies (cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers), pickles and olives, hard-boiled eggs with lox, several types of fish in cream sauces, any type of fresh bread or bun you could imagine, 8 types of fresh juices, yogurts, cereals, 8 types of canned fruit, and the list just goes on. For being a “cold” breakfast it was breathtaking. I sat there like a total fatass and went to town every morning I was there. Did I get my money’s worth? Oh yeah.

Other than that the trip was alright – did the work I was relatively supposed to do, ordered room service (steak and red wine…uh, yeah), and had a nice Italian dinner with my colleague (sorry I was a fail and forgot to take pics of these things). Here is a pic of my plush room:

The negative thing about the trip was the “incident,” but I’ll blog about that next. Until we meet again, Berlin.

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