Sunday, April 15, 2012

Planning the perfect apartment

Now as you probably know, I’m a planner. But when you involve my mom and dad also, it becomes a group of super planners. Nerdy planners. The force of engineering, finance, and design combined. 76 years’ worth of experience put together (of which I contribute a measly five but you get my point). You take a minute to consider that.

Behold, THE PLAN.

Oh yes, everything large that I shipped or am considering buying has been planned out in gross detail. Measurements (in centimeters now, no longer in inches) have been done in full with included furniture expansions (like if the table has leaves or the sofa becomes a bed) and things are fully arrangeable and rearrangeable in order to get the desired layout with maximum awesomeness. We’ve been carrying this baby around and looking at it on my phone while at furniture stores in order to determine whether or not something would fit or look right. Smart, informed decisions are being made.

Unfortunately 3-D CAD drawings are not yet an option, but at some point in time I’m sure my dad will consider this an option (in the future, not likely for this project).

My family rules. My apartment will. be. amazing. You can bet on it. :) Nerdcore to the max.

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