Saturday, April 21, 2012

My skateboard saved my computer!

...actually it was a guy named Timo, but the credit is deserved, all the same.

In reality my skateboard does deserve some of the spotlight. While contemplating what in the world to do about the problem re: blown power supply, my mom had the brilliant idea of googling for computer repair shops in Helsinki. Boom, she came upon a tiny little shop in Punavuori, a neighborhood about 25 minutes walk from our temporary apartment. Only problem was, we didn't have a backpack big enough to hold my massive HP tower, and my parents (being normal-sized small Asian people) didn't want to carry it the whole way there.

Enter the skateboard.

Now I happen to own a very righteous and top quality skateboard, obtained from the amazing Muir Skate Shop. It's a Loaded longboard made from bamboo with the whole nine yards, made personally by the shop's owner, Scott. It's balanced perfectly and I love it to no end.

While at work, my parents were at my new place trying to figure out how to get my computer from point A to point B when they spied the skateboard leaning against the wall. This is what emerged:

They told me they got more than a few funny looks and smirks from Finnish skater bobby teenagers scooting down the street to the repair shop, but they did make it there and back with relatively little issue. And now I have a fixed computer with a power supply that automatically detects what kind of voltage it is being given. It even uses the same plug style so I can use my old cable when I get back to the States. Win and win.

Never in a million years would I have dreamed that the first rider of my skateboard in Finland would be a computer. But just goes to show, you never know. :)

Now if only I could find a three-pronged, 500 watt grounded transformer so my tv/monitor would stop getting electrical interference, I would be completely set...but that's for another time. ^_^


  1. I laughed when I saw dad's photo album earlier, with photos of him tugging along this computer down the street. It did occur to me though, why didn't they just take a cab?

  2. Hehe because walking it around on a skateboard was free. :) I asked Mom about it and she said, "it wasn't that far." The pics of people staring are pretty hilarious.