Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finding the perfect apartment

I went to many and more apartment viewings, more than I cared to share with you all. And after seeing a revue of disappointments (especially as previous mentioned "charming orange toilet," which turned out to be "scary mold-infested orange fridge"), I finally found my One.

Located just a 10 minute walk from the center of town, it’s located in the excellent district of Etu-Töölö, just north of Kamppi. In other words, a cash-money neighborhood. It’s a quiet little side street, just off of a main drag which will take me to work, feed me, and provide me with much needed (cheap! :D) groceries.

And I’m just getting started. Though a bit smaller than I was looking for, the apartment is heavenly. Renovated in 2010, it’s 30 square meters/317 square feet of awesome. Take a gander below:

This is the hallway one would come into upon entering my den of comfort. The bathroom is the door on the left, and I have very convenient coat hook racks on both sides of the hallway (very necessary as everyone here wears coats). The accordion door you can slightly see is so there is an inner door to my front door – this is so I am not disturbed when my mail is delivered (apparently they deliver at all times of the day or night).

This is where my glorious bedroom/living room will be. Notice its excellent lighting. More will be written about this in a later post.

My glorious kitchen! Huge and well-equipped. "Full"-sized oven, four electric burners with hood, microwave, ¾-size fridge, and cupboards…oh the cupboards! So much space to store my myriads of kitchen gadgets, pots, pans, and other goods. Yes and yes.

My kitchen facing out. The long cabinets you see on the left are where I will likely have to store all of my clothes, since there is no other built-in storage. No jokes. Clothes in the kitchen!

And last, but not at all least, the main event: the bathroom. Along with the mirrored cabinets there is an additional storage cabinet to the left (out of the picture) plus storage beneath the sink (total win). The white machine to the right is my standing washing machine. Dryers are a rarity here. I am sure I will blog about my adventures of drying sometime in the future. It has been…interesting. And of course, the focus feature: the shower stall with closing glass doors. Heaven. I can shower in peace, knowing that I won’t soak my toilet paper.

And that concludes the tour of my newly-signed apartment. Entry coming at you soon: furniture/space planning this baby.


  1. Yay for finding a nice apartment! :D

  2. After living in Sweden I too know the constant fear of soaking one's toilet paper. Good for you!