Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Exploding electronics...in the wild

So I knew about the necessity of checking the voltage of all of my electronics before going overseas. My dad (being the awesome engineer that he is) checked all of my electronics beforehand and made sure that I either had the appropriate converters or that my electronics would work just fine with just adapters. Yet somehow, I still managed to blow something on first try. *extremely loud facepalm*

Things were going well - my container had arrived after just an hour of waiting, and the shippers had unpacked everything, nothing was broken, and all of my packages had arrived safe and sound from the US (not even inspected by Customs, which is a big win). They'd finished reassembling all of my furniture (part of the deal) and left with no bumps whatsoever. Apparently it was up to me to cause the first accident.

We were putting back together my computer (an HP tower, which hooks up to my TV and sound system) and making sure everything fit back together. I found all of the appropriate cords and were piecing things back together (without turning anything on), when I plugged in my power supply into the extension cord and heard a loud POP. Smell of smoke. Breaker was flipped in the hallway. DAMMMMNIT.

So now I have a busted power supply to my computer in a foreign country. Problem is, I didn't even need  to have this problem - my computer was completely rated for 220 volts...I just forgot to flip the switch to make it so (Captain Picard should have been looking over my shoulder and it would have been alright). Oye.

Here is a picture of my sad power supply:

Contacted my IT guy at work to see if he knows where I can buy one here to replace it, otherwise I'll go the online route, though shipping will be murder. If I were in the US I would just pop down to Fry's and pick one up for $50. But alas, no. Car-less, Fry's-less, and unsure, I will figure out another way to get my computer working again.

Guess things were going too smoothly - the Gnome of Fate had to throw in a curve ball somewhere. :) I stay relatively positive and hope for a fast (and hopefully not too expensive) solution.

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