Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brainzzz...and other Finnish foods

I know I've been lax in documenting the food I've been eating here, but for whatever reason whenever the food comes out, I never remember to grab my camera. Call it a one-track mind. I'll make a mental note to do better in the future, because I have been eating various Finnish foods from the grocery store and they have been fascinating (plus mostly delicious). My dad has been doing a great job of recording, so it's possible that I'll just steal some of his shots so you guys can get a good recap.

Anyhow, one of the things that has been coming into the temp apartment more and more, because my parents are here, is dessert. Being someone who absolutely loves savory foods and naturally thinks sweet foods aren't that interesting, the only sweet foods I tend to buy come in the form of alcohol (not an untrue statement). Obviously as my parents have been here this has been lower than it normally would (and will) be, but dessert consumption has gone up instead. Hence the purchase of...BRAINZ.

Or something that my dad has lovingly named, "brain guys." I gotta admit, he's not totally wrong:

They do sort of look like brains. Or tiny funnel cakes. In any case my parents wanted to try them, so they were purchased and eaten.

The name (tippaleipä) actually translates to, "drop bread," but I'm guessing this has to do with the fact that someone is dropping batter into hot oil and then generically calling it "bread." Nothing really to do with drops or bread, as far as I can tell. Oddly crunchy, instead of cakey and spongey. Not even that sweet really, despite being lightly dusted in finely sifted powdered sugar. Not, what I would imagine, brains would be like. :P

Definitely worth trying. Another Finnish marvel, checked off the list. So many more to try. I'll try to get other pictures so I can chronicle what has already been tasted. So many things. O_O The grocery store deli section really is a wonder of strange and wonderful delicacies.

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