Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Grandma got run over by a I ate it!

And it was delicious.

Yes, it's true people - I have officially tried my first bites of reindeer. Unfortunately it was not at a prestigious Michelin-star restaurant in the heart of the design district (though I plan to make that one of the things on my Helsinki bucket list, along with putrefied shark and this apparently legendary bear-paw stew that I keep getting the run-around about), it was a pre-packaged sandwich that I was grabbing from one of the cafes here at work.

I'd been on IM with IT all morning and had skipped breakfast because I had been horrendously late, so decided that I'd had enough finally and needed to grab some sustenance. There is only one cafe in the whole set of buildings here that easily allows take-away food (the rest are too green and so don't really have take-away containers easily available...JMK suggested I ask one of the chefs or cashiers if they even had them because he'd never seen them), so I went there to get something easy and portable.

And low and behold, amongst the normal ham and cheese, veggie and cheese, and salmon offerings, was the reindeer:

Reindeer and lingonberry! Even better. :) Totally grabbed it and gleefully made my way back to my desk.

It was pretty good, I'm not gonna lie. It was a sort of pita bread/flat bread sandwich, and admittedly the reindeer meat was mixed with mayo, pickled red onions, and some sort of leafy feathery green (no visible traces of the lingonberry), but it was tasty. Sort of tasted like...well, like nothing else I'd had before, actually. Not even venison. With the texture of very light tuna fish. With a smokey slightly gamy aftertaste. Totally worth it. Take a look at its unwrapped glory:

Admittedly I need a more pure sample to see what reindeer really tastes like, but I'm pleased I got to try it this way as my first time. :) JMK was definitely laughing at me. No surprise I suppose.

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