Thursday, March 22, 2012

And so the journey begins...

After a grueling week of packing everything up, driving up to Nor Cal, unpacking, organizing, cleaning, reshuffling, negotiating, eating all of the food I could possibly miss, and about 20 hours of consecutive travel time, I am finally here in Finlandia. Specifically, I am here in the apartment I will temporarily be living in for the next six weeks as I attempt to find my real apartment that I will be living in for the foreseeable Helsinki future. Woohoo success!

First off, I'd really like to send out a thank you to everyone who has made this transition as easy as it has been. If I were truly doing this on my own it would have been hell and without everyone who has done even just the little bittiest thing to help, it would have been that much worse. Thank you so much. :) <3 

Now that that is out of the way, let the recording...begin! 

Here is a pic of my temp apartment. Tiny, but functional and practical. I will likely be sleeping in the loft you see above the kitchen. Yes, that's correct...there is indeed a bed right above the kitchen. I am standing in the entry way in order to take this photo. Pretty dec, yeah? :)

First order of observations (since I haven't really done much since landing's only been about two hours since arrival and I landed around 5pm local time): there is considerably less snow than there was last time I was here (which was maybe a month ago...possibly six to seven weeks at the max). I am happy to report that I will probably no longer be fearing for my life every time I walk outside at night, and also 1) wondering if my eyes will somehow be permanently damaged from being nakedly exposed to the cold, 2) thinking that my fingers will get frostbite even though I'm wearing glove liners and gloves with my hands in my down jacket pockets, 3) projecting how I might actually come to look my age against my Asian genetic structure because the cold makes my facial skin age faster. These are all things I considered last time I was here, it was so cold (it was -10 degrees C i.e. 0 degrees F last time I was here...yeah, that cold). It has reached a balmy 8 degrees C / high 30 degrees F during the day here, from what I've heard, and that is pretty damn swell. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow's weather is actually like and walking outside.

Tomorrow I go to sign my work contract and thereby start the officious process of getting my Finnish social security number and the whatnot necessary to get my officious life started here in Finland. Oh the untold wonders this will likely bring. Will the Finnish government workers be as surly as our own? Stay tuned to find out!


  1. I so admire you! And I'm coming to visit. Can't wait to read more!

    1. I would love it if you visited! :) When I get my real apartment it is definitely a requirement that I have room for a guest futon sofa/sofa bed of some kind, so please do!

  2. I love your temporary apartment! It looks like a doll house!!! You are only missing the Mini Cooper there:-)

  3. So the smells of what you're cooking won't expand into the room because the mattress with absorb all of it? #questionableArrangement

    Though Finland was never in my to-visit list. It is now!! Excited to hear more stories!!!

  4. thanks for sharing your new life in helsinki with us online, it makes you a little bit closer. I miss you tons though!